I am an international student in a interdisciplinary PhD in Global Studies.

  1. My supervisor has about 60 students and does not do any advising beyond a few personal favorites.

  2. My second supervisor considers me a student of the first, resents the fact that he is the expert on the subject, and as a result won’t read my thesis either. This has gone on for seven years and now I must submit. I speak four European languages and it is and but in an area which is very relevant. Right now I can t see any future for myself as there are jobs back home.

1.What do I do about my supervisors as the PhD is graded here?

2.Can I apply for post docs/tenure track (community college is more than fine) in North America with a PhD from Germany, or do they prefer N.American PhDs? How do I go about it? I have publications.

I’d be grateful for any advice/career suggestions etc. I don’t mind leaving academia but I cannot return home as there are no jobs there.

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