I have read various posts on SO related to my question, so the parts i got answer i am not putting here.

My advisor asks me to write a paper and when i send the draft its with him unless the last week of deadline for journal. Then he call me for meeting and i can clearly see the nice and crispy pages just printed without a single dot, and also he will roughly turn pages and then tell me do this and that. And these changes takes lot of time. Then he will again do the same and propose such changes that needs whole revision and most of the time at end i need to revert the changes. If to be honest, i want to tell him that please at least for one time read the whole paper propose changes and let me do it then, it will save our months of time instead of keeping it with you for more then a month without reading. Same thing happened when i was writing my first annual report which has to be submitted before 9th month of starting phd, i submitted in my 7th month and ended up passing first year in 16th month after starting date.

I cant change advisor due to my study leave rules and my tenure of leave as well as the scholarship he gave i cant even talk to him as he is very reserved, not open for discussions or arguments.

Should i just do as it is or do i need to ask someone from management for help?

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