I have started looking for some universities that might offer interesting courses related to what I’m currently studying. And almost all of them (as it is to be expected) assume the prerequisite of having completed a bachelor degree worth at least 180 ECTS.

To put it in context, I’m studying a Mathematics degree in Spain. This is a 4 year program that worths 240 ECTS. I’m not sure about the nomenclature, but I think the equivalent is a Bachelor degree. Now, most of the masters programs I’ve seen (restricted to the EU only), are 2 year programs, and one could perhaps argue that the first year of the master degree on those universities looks pretty much the same as my fourth year on my undergraduate studies (subjects like Algebraic Topology, Commutative Algebra, etc, are covered in both my fourth year and on the masters degree first year). My question then is the following:

Having I passed those subjects and finished my 4 year Bacherlor degree, am I more likely to be accepted in any of those master programs than a student whose bacherlor degree worths 180 ECTS?

This is my first question here and I don’t know if it fits this site. Let me know if any changes on the question are needed, and thanks in advance to you all!

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