I am a UK citizen in my final year of an undergraduate degree in the UK. I am considering doing a Master’s degree in mainland Europe, which would be two years long. However, I am also looking into the option of returning to the UK later for a PhD and am concerned that this will make me ineligible for funding.

Most of the funding bodies for the hard sciences seem to require that a potential PhD student has been “ordinarily resident” in the UK for the past three years, but it is unclear how this applies to students. For example, if I claimed that my parents’ house (where my bank accounts etc are still registered to, as I do not have a stable address as a student) was my “ordinary residence”, and that I had returned to the UK on short trips over the course of my masters degree, would that be accepted? Could I claim that I am only in Europe for the purposes of study and my “ordinary residence” is the UK because that is where I hold citizenship? Or once you finish an undergraduate degree and study abroad can you no longer claim this?

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