About 6 months ago I submitted a paper for a journal special issue and recently I got back the peer reviewer comments. My paper involves design of a numerical model and a case study to illustrate the model in action.

One reviewer questioned why I had not included a certain, qualitative analysis in my case study, one which I regard as fairly minor. The nature of work means that there are a huge number of things that COULD be considered by the model, however it is pretty impractical to include them all, especially in a single journal paper.

When the paper was submitted my model could not do the analysis in question, however now it can. Despite this, I am apprehensive about including such analysis for three reasons:

1) The paper already seems on the long side (26 pages in the Latex Elsarticle style, although this does have big margins for reviewer comments).

2) It will involve a fair amount of work.

3) I would prefer to use it for a future journal paper.

Is keeping the paper concise a valid reason for not including the analysis? The second reviewer did not mention it at all and to me it does not seem like a huge omission (I have read similar, published papers where it is not included). It is my first journal paper, so I am not really sure how much appeasing of the reviewers is typically required to get it published. Really I would prefer to mention it as a limitation, to be dealt with in future work.

I am coming to the end of a PhD in the engineering for context

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