I am applying for jobs currently, mostly tenure-track jobs, in mathematics. I am currently living in Europe, but I will apply to many jobs in the US and Canada. If I recall correctly, when a candidate is shortlisted for an interview, the expenses are paid by the university.

My question is: would a hiring committee dismiss an application because it comes from “far away”? The budget needed for flying in someone from another state in the US is not the same as the budget needed for flying in someone from Europe. So I’m thinking they might say “Ok, this candidate seems interesting, but we also have an equally interesting candidate which lives closer to us, so let’s call the latter”. But people in search committees will know better than me!

Note: I would not completely dismiss the idea of paying expenses for myself (in the case of a very interesting interview), but I don’t think that’s the usual process, and it would sound weird to say so in the application. So this is not really a question about money.

Also, please keep in mind that this is with regards to a somewhat normal application of a regular candidate. I’m not a Fields medallist, in which case those considerations would hardly apply.

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