‘These fell times have downed us and raised the dregs and dishonourable,
But I tell all the gloaters not to rest easy.
We will pine away afar, languish and suffer hardship,
And our families will be scattered and torn,
But we will not kneel, bow or sway from right,
Steady and fixed to principle we shall be,
We are now down, but we are in truth high up,
And I bode and give promise of a reversal in times,
For the gloaters – though they wallow and rejoice today — will get as
we got and worser.’

This is a short Arabic poem and was said during battle when tyrants toppled the rightful caliphs at the time.

Are there any poems in English that are similar in any way and speak of reversal in times, patience and languishing in exile, injustice and speaks about fell times?

Any thoughts are helpful, in any part of the poem, any phrases or sayings too.

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