I’m searching for any universities (or other centers of learning) around the world that employ new methods of physics education. An example of a non-university center of learning is the Perimeter Institute in Canada. They have ties to a university but are a separate entity (as I understand it) but still offer courses.

When I say ‘new method’, I mean they don’t employ the standard lecture model where a professor or grad student stands in front of class and talks, including classes where clickers and other simple interaction tools may be used. New methods include the ‘reverse lecture’ where students study notes/books/etc. outside class then come to class to solve difficult problems and discuss what they’ve learned (typically in groups with professor oversight), any lecture here, if present, would usually be limited to 5-10 minutes. More standard homework could be assigned as normal.

I’ve seen new methods applied to select classes in different universities but I’ve yet to find an organization that applies any new methods as the norm, not the exception.

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