I am a deferred action student, meaning that I apply for in-state resident tuition but I am not a US citizen (non-permanent resident).
I have a work card that allows me to work like any other citizen and pay taxes accordingly.
However, due to me being a non-citizen, I’m concerned that I may not be able to receive funding for PhD. My family does not have a lot of money and we spent a lot of money for my undergrad education (I don’t qualify for FAFSA either) so without financial aid, I’m not able to attend graduate school. Even with my part-time job, most of my earnings went into paying for GRE and application fees.

Do university departments offer financial aid to non-citizens (but not international) as well? Most of the departments I saw state that they offer guaranteed funding through the 5th year of a student’s PhD but do not explicitly say if it’s available to students such as myself.

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