I’m a second year undergraduate psychology student in Australia. As a mature-age student, I have a very clear focus in that, I’d like to transition from my undergraduate degree to a PhD, post doc and into academia proper.

It is hard to pin professors down for “pathway” advice.

I am currently working in a lab as a research assistant where I am involved in the publication of a few articles and working with a PhD student and post doc on writing up a few experiments for submission. Whether the journal accepts it or not, the experience gained from submitting and receiving feedback will be invaluable (I hope!).

I am not sure whether to stay and complete my PhD in Australia or apply at another University overseas (UK or US). Alternatively, I could wait until the PhD is completed and then apply for post doc positions overseas (I have a dream of doing a PhD or post doc at Stanford (US) or Cambridge (UK)).

  • Is there a better place to do my PhD other than Australia? What about post doc?
  • In Australia being published or not isn’t considered during application for PhD but is it necessary for the U.S. or UK?

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