I’m a CS undergrad in my senior year(last week!). I’ve been working as a part-time research assistant in a research institute. I didn’t think twice when I took the job, as I just thought it would be fun, and because it’s not a school, I never thought I’d continue my research in this field after this job-at least not there.

However, recently I’ve decided to go to a graduate school, and I want to pursue a master in a different field. I still want to finish my work and hopefully publish my current project, which would probably take 6 months to 1 year more.

During a lunch, I told another RA(graduate student) about my plan. He said that I should quit my job immediately, or otherwise it’d be abusing resource. I’m very confused right now as to how should I take this situation. Is it generally considered unacceptable or unethical for me to not quit my job?

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