To keep this as short and simple as possible I will only provide relevant details and be as anonymous as possible.

I’ve been talking to a former University about an issue (hold on my account) for the past few weeks (about a month probably).

I have not been able to come to an agreement with the University. They have given me two options about my issue but I’ve declined as I’m seeking for a better solution for myself (and I cannot afford the options they’ve given).

Most recently, I’ve emailed very high up officials and received an email stating, “no more conversations will take place about this issue. You must pay the full hold.” (I paraphrased). I only emailed these high up officials once and received back this one email.

I have since emailed back stating I would like to continue and have a solid argument about kind of solution I’m seeking (so now a total of two emails sent to them).

So can a University tell me they will no longer talk or work with me? Is this actually legal?

Edit: As to provide more details here are some.

I have this hold because I applied for a private student loan to use for the one semester only. The University changed their policy to use loans for the entire year (Fall and Spring). I asked through a phone call if they could use my loan for the one semester only as I knew I would not be attending the next or any upcoming semesters. I was told they would do this. I have no proof of this phone call and neither does the university. (So that’s where things fall apart on my end).

Fast forward a few months and I find out I still have this hold as the University representative never did as they said.

I know my chances of having this forgiven are essentially none, however I decided to shoot for it and come to a good compromise. They offered two options, both I cannot afford.

I don’t want to go to a lawyer as obviously, I cannot afford one. The sum of money is less than $5K. I’m in the United States. I am essentially liable for the money. I know I cannot get away without paying it. BUT I have documentation from the University stating that a committee may look at my case and come up with an exception. As far as I know, they have not done so. It has simply been speaking to different University officials.

I really want to know if it is as simple as a University stating that they will no longer have conversations with me about this issue. It seems highly unethical.

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