I am an academia person having some good publication records. It seems that I may need to spend most of my time in writing proposal if I join as a university faculty in North America.

I have reservations on two aspects of the proposal writing:


Does a proposal evaluate the true skill of the candidate? My answer (with high probability) is No. This is because, if the candidate is an excellent one, his knowledge is exploited in several of his past academic records. The first is his publication record (especially from the reputable journals). This record (along with the review comments) will almost show the true skill of the candidate. And I did not see a reason to ask the candidate to submit an extra cover letter (proposal).

To my knowledge, the proposal is the very important component for funding. And I am not aware of any colleague getting funding just by submitting his/her CV?

Please note that if the idea of the proposal is shiny (evaluated by experts in the same area only), it should be publishable as a technical paper.

Evaluation Method:

It is known that funding agencies require proposals to provide support for research. However, most of the evaluators of the proposal are not working in the same research area, and in most cases they fail to understand the true contribution of the proposal especially if it is a deep rooted concept. Thus, such a system will benefit those who are not knowledgeable in their research area which I believe is a bit unfair. One may claim that that the reason could be a luck of expertise in the area. However, this can be circumvented by requesting detailed information about the candidate. For example, one of them is by checking the peer review comments of the previously published papers from the reputable journals.

It looks that these evaluation approaches are not integrated in the current system for the reason that I did not understand especially in the academic environment. And I prefer not to involve in such kind of competition. I am also not interested to perform some administrative works such as department recruiting as these activities have their own complications.

I am a bit fan of doing research and teach few courses per year, and organizing conferences, workshops, and peer reviewing papers. Thus, my question is that is there any institution who can hire professors so that their responsibility is just publishing scientific papers and teach 2 or 3 courser per year without writing a proposal (Electrical Engineering)?

Thanks for reading this long question.

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