I completed my Masters of Science in September 2014 after over 2 years of work. My supervisor wasn’t particularly helpful or supportive of the project since he seemed close to retiring and also most his money was dedicated for other fields of research. However, the field I studied in was my passion and I did it anyways.

Right after my graduate studies, I found a job in the private sector and that the same time I started working on a paper because I felt it needed to be done and I thought it would be important for my career. When I sent my draft to my supervisor, he would submit his feedback weeks to months later, and it was usually something like “It’s too long”. So I did the edits, sent it back, waited 2 months again for his comments, and so on. In Spring 2015, I abandonned because I could never finish it at this pace, even though most of it was done. His last comment was “Some more analysis could be necessary” even though it didn’t seem necessary for the thesis.

Now, it’s been 2 years, I haven’t touched it since then, but I still feel I should submit the paper anyways. Here are my questions:

  1. His is too late for me?
  2. If I send the paper for review, do I need to put my supervisor as secondary author?
  3. If my supervisor is secondary author, do I need to notify him? Could he refuse?
  4. If reviewers demand that further analysis is required, is it game over for me? I did most of my work on a supercomputer and my account has expired.

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