I’m an international student, originally from a country in South Asia. I have been admitted to a PhD program in Mathematics. The school is ranked in the top 70-80 range.

While I’m interested in getting an academic job in the future, I’m aware that it would be very difficult for me to get an academic job after having graduated with a PhD from the aforementioned school. Therefore, I’m seriously considering keeping my options open to enter the industry as well. I’m especially considering this option since I, ideally, don’t wish to move back to my home country directly upon graduation.

My questions are as follows:

  1. As of yet, I’m looking to complete my PhD in analysis/probability/PDE’s. Would this allow me to keep a options in the industry open? If so, what options are generally available if one has a PhD in these field(s)? Is the job market robust? Or should one consider completing a PhD in a different field?

  2. Is it especially hard for international students to find a job in the industry (or academia) after graduation? I’m open to looking for a job in multiple countries. I’m also considering the possibility of moving/transferring to a statistics program to keep more job options open.

In a nutshell, what can students like myself do now to achieve the best possible outcome which can be achieved by attending a middle tier graduate program in mathematics.

Edit: With regards to post-doc positions, I am assuming that it will be very hard for me to find a good position after having graduated from a top 70-80 school. Given this additional information, could someone please guide international students like myself who may want to keep as many options open in the industry?

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