I have been talking to a professor from University X and had agreed I would work in her lab at the start of the semester. She has been amazing and has worked with me through the entire process. I was accepted the other day and she wrote a letter to get me funding from the University, which ended up being approved.

I was going to write up the letters to other professors I had been speaking to this weekend to let them know of my decision and thank them for their time and consideration. I wish I had.

I just received an email from another professor and at University whose program is ranked slightly higher. This professor has a higher H index and their mentor wrote the book in my field, and also has coauthored many papers with the leading researchers in my particular interest. Basically, slowly turning into a dream placement the more I look at it.

I spent hours searching for anything that might rank the university X (the original) over university Y and the more I researched the more I had the feeling I may have just made a mistake. I know I shouldn’t have accepted without hearing back from the other universities, but things were moving fast and I didn’t slow down to take a step back. So, without accepting in writing, just conversations via email and skype, would this be a big foul? It is pretty clearly spelled out for those entering during the fall under the April 15th Agreement, however for the Spring Semester,there doesn’t seem to be any guidance. I understand that there was considerable effort put in by University X and I am not decided either way, I am just wondering if it is worth my time to worry about/approach the situation.

So after all these crazy days of trying to finish my application and encouraging professors to finish the LORs for me, there is the next thing – my professor sent the letter of recommendation (which he had to send just to the institution) also to me. I think he did it unknowingly, but now I am stressed again, because I should not know the contain of the letter of course. I didnt open it, but this situation is quite crazy.
If I can see that he sent it to two recipients, it stands to reason that the another recipient can see it too.

Uhh. Does someone knows what should I do now?

EDIT: It was a letter related to the grant application

I am an undergratuate student in Computer Science. I asked a supervisor for thesis and he must still send me the first materials for starting. The actual supervisor hasn’t yet even told me exactly what I must do and is waiting for me to return from my Erasmus to start. In the meanwhile I discovered that another supervisor is doing something that interests me more. The reserach area is what I would like to study also in my graduate studies. Is it a problem if I change my supervisor at this point? Thank you in advance for your answers

So I’m new to college and web design and the teacher started us off with a simple assignment the J shop prop. Along the way it told us to input a CSS script to give the website “<script src=”modernizr-1.5.js”> <link href=”basicstyles.css” rel=”stylesheet” type=”text.css”/>” and when I open the page on my broswers it shows it as a plain site. Did I miss something?

Also if it helps I did find the book we’re studying as a free pdf so I’m not sure if it has anything to do with it.


When I had joined the program last year, I was assigned an advisor who was the one I’d wanted to work with. However, due to things not working out (because she thinks I lack the background), I have had to start looking for a new one, and that’s what I was working on all summer. I’m still in the process of finding someone by working on small projects with some faculty (in order to show them I can do the kind of research they do). This kind of puts me a bit behind my cohort. In my department, most PhD students have an advisor within two quarters. While a lot of other students I spoke with told me that it is perfectly normal to be finding an advisor a bit later than year 1, I’m very much embarrassed about being at this stage.

So anyway, my department’s academic advisor just sent out an email saying she needed someone to take up the role of President of the grad student organization of the department, and I really want to go for it. In the past, I’ve enjoyed working with people and organizing stuff; I really enjoy talking to people and putting forward people’s problems and finding solutions to them, especially the seemingly small ones that actually do make a difference.

My question is, would faculty members consider it strange on my part if I ended up as President when I don’t even have an advisor and a research project going for me? I mean, would it look like I don’t have my priorities set straight? I wouldn’t want to do it if there’s even the slightest chance of it creating a bad impression.

Typically, well-prepared undergrad math students have summer REU advisors, masters and PhD students have thesis advisors.

What do new math PhDs – postdoctoral researchers have at the university they land at? Do they also have a research advisor, or are they pretty much on their own, while they teach classes, publish papers and apply to tenure-track positions, before their post-doc contract expires?

Graduated last year with a 2.73 gpa ,double major B.S Ecology and Evolution and B.S Environmental Studies. I want to go to grad school at the University of Bonn, to study Organismic Biology, Evolutionary Biology and Paleaobiology. I am worried that my undergrad gpa is too low, does anyone have knowledge of how difficult it is to get into German graduate schools for biology?

I currently have a GPA of 3.89 at community college after 45 credits, but retook a calc 2 class that I got a D an obtained an A. Not only that I graduated high school early with a regular high school diploma , but then went to israel for engineering an at the university, I passed all my classes with a 2.0 cumulative GPA cause I had a lot of personal issues an the Teachers didnt know English well even though the program was meant to be comptely English. I then retook all the classes at the community college an got that 3.89 GPA. What are my chances of transferring into a top 25 electrical engineering school, an if so how can I improve my chances? My Act score was 31 an high school GPA was 3.7.