I sent an article to a top journal. It was reviewed by 2 reviewers. The decision made was ‘revision’. I revised the manuscript and sent a detailed point by point response to reviewer comments. During revision the status changed directly from ‘with editor’ to ‘decision in process’ within a span of 4 days. I was under the impression that the reviewers would go through the paper again and based on their comments a decision would be made by the editor. But it seems that the editor is making the decision himself. Is this correct?
. The result is yet to be received, so fingers crossed 😉

I’m working on a project where I’ve come across a couple relevant papers that are marked as “preliminary drafts” and/or with a request not to cite them because they are preliminary.

Should I cite the most similar, published work, ask the authors for their preference as close to publication as possible, or take a different route?

I am currently a postdoc in computer science. Last year I completed my PhD. I have published one research paper during my PhD with my research supervisor. I am trying to work on that paper. I mean I have got something and I think it is going to be an incremental result of the previous research paper.

Question: Do I need to get permission from my past supervisor to publish a paper that builds on our previous co-authored paper?

Alice is teaching a class and one student is clearly not understanding the material very well. Should she approach the student (e.g. ask to meet after class, write an email, or during class itself if it’s not a lecture) and offer to help?

The argument for “yes” is that although the student might not ask for help, he or she wants to pass the course, so the teacher’s intervention is appropriate. Some students also come from conservative cultures, are afraid to be seen as a fool, or are simply shy.

The argument for “no” is that it’s possible the student wants to puzzle it out himself/herself. Instead, Alice should just make herself available for consultation. If the student does not make use of all the resources at his or her disposal, it’s not her fault.

Is there any evidence that one style of teaching or the other is preferable?

I am currently a Post-doc student in computer science. Last year I did my PhD from some university. I have published one research paper during my PhD with my research supervisor. I am trying to work on that paper I mean I have got something and I thing It is going to be the incremental of the previous research paper. I am in a confusion, DO I need to take permission that he is okay or not with my new paper

Question :Do I need to take permission from my past supervisor?

In my department, I have been assigned to find geographical variation and self-citation in the citing articles of some research papers. On Google Scholar, manually it is very difficult to check citations for every research paper. For example, one of the research article has 650 citations, it would be a laborious task to check every citing article for geographical variation and self-citations.

Is there any tool which classifies citing articles based on their geographical variation and self-citations?

I have a question. I graduated from an UK university with 2.2 (53), and now I am thinking to apply for Ph.D. My study area is Drama Studies. I am an international student and I have funding. I am not going to apply for any funding. I don’t have any work experience.

Do you think is it possible to get a Ph.D. offer from any university?
Thank you for your answers.

I know many of you already post similar questions about quitting before, and I have read many of them. But I actually don’t wanna quit…

And I need some advice how to write a formal drop-off email to the department and my advisor in my situation

Here is My current situation

I have talked to my current advisor, told him I can’t do research in such stress and painful life, he approved. However, the department really unhappy about it.(I have my Ph.D. funding for being TA for the department)

I’ve asked informally and got an answer “They will tell you No, unless, you and your advisor can provide a very good reason. Because you are not the only one quitting your lab”.

From inside, I don’t want to quit. I have passed the qualifying exam with a top grade and have been here for 3 years. But I have made no progress since the beginning of the year. I couldn’t finish my coursework because of a “one-class-one-semester” rule. I finished nothing according to my CV, and I felt all my peer is laughing at me. I’m very stressed, every day, I sat in front of the computer doing nothing.

I don’t think I can switch advisor, because my current advisor will over-thinking things and will end up very bad from my expectation. And I don’t think I am qualified for anything or anyone would accept me.

Here is what lead to my current situation:

I was a bad student:

I am computer science major, I have a GPA of 3.5/4. I have no gift in math and programming was my only strength. I have zero backgrounds in research, so I can’t make a research paper or find a suitable conference myself. I joined the current program only because of a referring letter from my current advisor.

And I got upset easily if I did badly in my class.

My relationship with my advisor:

He a very nice man, but I can’t say he is good at helping me. So the lab has no focus, he allowed everyone attacks any possible directions. He got his Ph.D. in EE but works as a CS advisor in my department

He thought I am smart, but he hates people doing programming because he thinks do programming is kind of wasting time. Our focus should be on math. He doesn’t like me to do any programming before he approved, because he thinks “thinking as a programmer” is toxic to my research. There are several times that he laugh at me in public saying it is bad I can only do programming.

And he cares a lot about our personal lives. And earlier time, when I still trust him, I told him some of my non-academic concern.(It ends badly….)