I am stuck and I need your experience, ideas, and help.

Background story. I am in my 3rd year of phd and its a requirement for phd students to grad with a paper that is published in a scopus index journal.

Before i enter and during my phd, i have already published few paper to a scopus index peer reviewed journal (topics are not based on my thesis). At the moment, i am trying to publish a paper as a part of my thesis (with my supervisors names) but they keep on criticize that it is not good enough and it has been 2 years that i have to rewrite the paper again and again.

another paper (a part of my thesis) under my own name was however published to a good journal. This paper was written all by me without my supervisors knowledge. I told my supervisors that i got it published and my supervisors were so angry that i didnt include their name. I am aware that it is my fault that i didnt ask them beforehand but i know it in my heart that if i include them, it will take months or years to even get it approve from them and in all honesty, they will end up demotivating me. I am now really scared to tell them that it has already been published.

Can you guys give me any advice how to handle this situation?

Thank you!

I am from a country where this is quite a decision.

Whether or not to get a job right away graduating is something most engineers, like myself, fear.

I just graduated and I couldn’t get a job so far despite having a high-quality curriculum (speaking 3 languages, programming, experience abroad).

But I have this good offer to start a Master’s Degree at a top university.

What should you recommend?

A professor of mine once told me graduate studies pay in the long term. He decided to go for a Master then PhD studies because of it last longer. According to him, you got to sacrifice a few more years of your life but once you finish it, you are certain your life is going to be better.

I am from Brazil. Tell me about similar situations in your countries.

About 4 years ago, a question was asked about usefulness of ResearchGate for academics. Judging by the most upvoted answers, the portal had a rather negative opinion back then. However, social media trends tend to change on much shorter timescales, and my experience with RG has actually been slightly positive. This makes me curious as to how the perception has changed since then.

To quote the previous question, I would be very interested in knowing if, as of 2018, ResearchGate is a good way of increasing the visibility of your publications and finding fellows with common research interests, or is it just a “waste of time”?

Since the above is – as many have rightly pointed out – too opinion based, I would like to ask, more specifically: In what ways has ResearchGate changed over the last 4 years? How do these changes affect perception of ResearchGate in the academic community?

Usually for the journals we have impact factor and for the conferences we have acceptance rate.

Now, is it possible to guess the acceptance rate of a journal using its impact factor ? For example, for this journal:


whose impact factor is 2.650

I wanted your advice concerning studies as next year i’m going to end my bachelor degree and wanted to know if any of you knew about some study path that brings together programming and business for example statistics or anything that i could get into without starting everything from scratch and if possible staying in Europe as I won’t be able to pay for american tuiton fees
Thank you for your help Any idea is appreciated !

I just finished my PhD in a social science and I’m moving to a new institution for a postdoc. As a social scientist, my projects are either solo or with a few co-PIs, so any answer may be different from people in the sciences.

Is it convention for a researcher who changes institutions to reapply for IRB clearance on ongoing projects at a new institution, or keep working with the IRB files at the institution where the researcher originally applied, until the studies are ready to be closed?

I have many questions,,,

Our research instructor has bachelor in math and master in computer science and phd in management with no published researches….so

  1. Is she qualified to teach us the research course?
  2. She copy the rubric from internet without mention the source and I know because it looks for the big classes not small one such as ours?
  3. She is correct the midterm considering the article ( Employment networking in the Hollywood Film industry ) as ethnography while I am sure it is not , so is it case study or ethnography? Just to make sure…
  4. After I Got my final result I asked to check my proposal and find a lot of instructors comments but I couldn’t understand them so I ask to sit with her but she refused, does she has the right to refuse?

I wish to find answers for my questions
Thanks in advance