Currently, I am just about to finish my sophomore year in an undergraduate school studying computer science. I am worried about my current school impacting whether or not I will get in to a prestigious graduate school.

Without giving away too many details, my school is fairly well known and has an undergraduate class size of around 30,000. Also, the school is ranked around the 80s of schools in the US.

My growing ambition and love for computer science has grown greatly during my time here and I would to continue my education at a prestigious graduate school.

As of now, I have a 4.0 GPA and I have been and will be involved with internships during my summers. If I continue my current path, what are my chances at getting into a top 10 american graduate school?

I use SSRN extensively in my work. From time to time, I even use SSRN to find my own papers. (Sometimes (often), it’s just much easier for me to go on my own research page and click on the SSRN link than search through my directory)

I think as a result of this and my regular downloads of other people’s papers, SSRN has flagged me as a user with an “unusual download pattern”:

What Happened?

We have observed an unusual download pattern.

The reason why this might happen:

Accessing through a proxy server
Having problems downloading a paper
Accidentally downloading a paper too frequently

Please consider signing in or creating a free account. You can
continue downloading this paper and you will no longer see this page.
It also helps us track reader interest and provide accurate download
counts to our authors and readers.

As explained above, I am not “accidentally downloading a paper too frequently”, I am rather purposefully doing so.

I would like to keep using SSRN without having to sign in.

  • Has anyone encountered the same problem and found a solution to keep using SSRN “anonymously”?
    • I’ve tried using other browsers, including “brand new” browsers that I just downloaded and installed, to no avail.
    • If that did not work, would something like clearing my cookies help at all (are cookies browser specific?)?

Should a teaching dossier list teaching experience in chronological order (starting with most recent) or should I order things by relevance to whatever I’m applying for?

I’m applying for a job which has listed teaching Calculus and Linear algebra as the primary expectation.

My more recent experience has been with Adult Basic Eduation which is not relevant to the posting, so my gut says not to emphasize this first.

Are my instincts correct? Should I put my older work experience at the front?

My PhD advisor is someone who values workplace/personal life boundaries. Sometimes I feel that he gets mad at me for accidentally crossing those boundaries in small ways. The problem is that he doesn’t explain when he is mad at me, and this can cause problems in our working relationship – for example, he tries to avoid me online and in real life, probably in order to avoid confrontation.

I confronted him recently about why he was acting mad at me, and it surfaced that he expected me to figure out why he was angry. This is a waste of my time and energy. How can I manage my relationship with him; in particular, what are some steps that we can take so that we understand clearly what the boundaries are in our relationship? How can I encourage him to communicate his boundaries to me, without such a question seeming overly personal?

Has anyone been in a similar situation? What insights or advice do you have to offer?

Thank you!

I want to propose some metrics based on some measurements related to application security. This is also a visualization study and I included some sample visualizations which correspond to the proposed metrics and measurements.

The data used in the visualizations is a combination of some tool generated data and fabricated data. In the process part, I will describe the data generation details and the tools. In the visualizations part, I will include the sample visualizations and describe their properties and their relations to the proposed metrics. I needed some fabricated data to show some possible long-term effects in the visualizations.

At this step, I wonder what should I include to satisfy the reviewers as a validation. My question is “How can I validate the usefulness of the proposed dashboard in a proper formal way?”


I recently completed my PhD and now I looking for my first postdoc. Right now I’m in a terrible situation.

During my PhD, I had the possibility to join a great research group in the US and before to leave, the PI asked me to come back for a postdoc.
He was a great mentor and I really would work with him again, because I’m interested in his research line (totally different from my education).
I thought about it a lot, and I decided to go! So I called him to get more information, but he told me that had had a great opportunity at NCI in another city and decided to relocate the lab there, but he said that if I wanted to go with him he would be happy!
Since he must officially sign in May and we talked in February, he suggested to me to do other application as well. Then we talked again in March, and he told me he could start the application process on May.
In the meantime, I did others applications. I had a good feedback and one of these already sent me the official offer.
I’m evaluating this offer, but I really want to work with the PI that I already know and admire.

What do you suggest? What I could say to the PI that I waiting for?
I’d very much appreciate your opinion and reflection on this topic.

I am a PhD student who works in theory. Too many times, I have to defend my ideas or claims in front of my supervisor. I have failed to do so in the past and it worries me.
Please note that I am only interested in defending correct ideas, not wrong ones.

Some of the things I have tried are:

  • Doubt every line which I read.
  • Try to prove each term clearly in front of him.
  • Go over the material at least two times.

These kind of things are not working.

My research supervisor has told me that I need to defend my ideas and claims. There have been many times where he asked me to change something about the idea; I did it; and then he asked me why I changed it.

Question: How to defend your correct ideas or claims in front of your supervisor?

Edit : Many times I have tried to defend a wrong idea and there were some times in which I have changed my right idea ( based upon his feedback) and after I changed my idea he told me “your original idea was right, why did you change it?”. How to deal with this situation also?