I’m the last year of a bachelor degree program and I’m starting thinking about the dissertation topic.
My degree course is focus on information security, so I wuold choose a topic related to this field, but I have no idea.
I know that there are a lots of topics related to cyber security field, but I wuold made my dissertation about an interesting and an actual topic.

As a first idea, I was thinking about the topic Blockchain , and in particular, on the possible implications that this technology can have on cyber security;
but I don’t know where to start. Do you have any idea ? How do I proceed?
Otherwise I would like to develop something in some programming language ( I know Java , Javascript, Python ) ;
as you can see, I’m in the decision process and the doubts are a lot. So if someone could give me some advice on some possible topics related to cyber security, that is actul, I would be very grateful.
The goal is to make an interesting dissertation on an emerging topic that has not been treated many times. I have more or less 6-7 months to finish it.
Thanks you in advance.

if is not the correct place to post this kind of question, feel free to delete it

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