Background Information
I would soon be graduating with an engineering degree from a “no name” university somewhere in Nigeria. My performance during my degree was above average. I am hoping to apply for a PhD program in US.
The professors with whom I interact with regularly (with PhD’s from schools in the US), have been giving me a resounding warning about applying to schools that clearly do not want and will never admit me because of the school’s unpopularity and country of origin. One particular professor told me that Bachelor’s degrees from this part of the world are not at all trusted and treated with disdain. I know lot’s of schools encourage everybody to apply, but the exchange rates are not friendly, and I don’t want to burn the scarce resources I have
1. Does country of undergraduate study matter to the graduate admissions committee?
2. Do schools in the US give off hints that applicants from certain backgrounds need not apply?
3. With the difference in educational standards, do I stand a chance at all, even if i find a school willing to admit me?

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