I am trying to calculate some power in my matlab code. the formula I’m using for gain is:


in which z is the lognormal random variable with standard deviation 8.
d is the distance from user to BTS
d0 is 1
and t is path loss exponent with value of 3.8

I need to divide (N0+I0) to this g in order to calculate something for my power.
so H=(N0+I0)/g

N0 is the noise density power which is -184dbm/hz and I0 is interference.
I think I need to convert this noise to the linear form with 10^(N0/10) and I0 also. so my question is if this is true (converting the noise and I0 to the linear form) should I multiply instead of sum? how can I convert -184dbm/hz to db?

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