Next year,
I will be teaching a course that has a significant programming component.
While I have taught other courses before,
it will be my first time teaching a programming course.
Consequently, I was wondering:
what is a typical design of the course assessment for a programming course,
e.g., intro to Java/Python programming?
In particular, how many assessment tasks are there, and how are they weighted?
The assessment tasks that I have in mind would include
individual assignments, group projects,
and individual assessment (quizzes or a final exam).
Are there other assessment tasks that are typically present in a programming course?

(I have taken a few programming courses in the past—unfortunately that was more than 10 years ago so,
so my memory of my classes is quite hazy at this point.)

Response to comment: ask your colleagues who have taught similar courses

my department is focused on an academic discipline where programming is not central,
thus, most of the courses in my department do not involve any programming at all.
Also, the course that I will be teaching is a new course
that I am in the process of developing,
thus I have a lot of freedom about deciding how to design the course assessment.
Nate Eldredge’s suggestion is helpful in that I can ask the one or two colleagues in my department
who are teaching programming courses (different contexts, different languages)
how they assess students.

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