In Google Scholar, I want to create a compound alert, which returns papers that are relevant to two concepts. Concept 1 is all about a branch of machine learning, which can be triggered by the words “deep learning” and “neural network”. Concept 2 is all about a branch of robotics, which can be triggered by the words “navigation” and “localisation”. Furthermore, the article must definitely include the word “robot”.

How should I express this as a single alert?

I know that an AND is implicit, such that:

"navigation" "localisation"

will only return articles which contain both those words.

I also know that an OR can be define, for example:

"navigation" OR "localisation"

will return articles which have either of these words.

But in my case, it is more complex. I basically want to say:

("deep learning" OR "neural network") AND ("navigation" OR "localisation")  AND "robot"

These brackets are just to illustrate what I want to achieve, but I’m sure that they’re not interpreted in this way by Google Scholar.

Any ideas? Thanks!

Edit: My current solution is to just have four separate alerts:

"deep learning" AND "navigation" AND "robot"
"deep learning" AND "localisation" AND "robot"
"neural network" AND "navigation" AND "robot"
"neural network" AND "localisation" AND "robot"

However, most of these papers are triggered by three or four of the conditions, and it is very frustrating getting several emails for each one! So I am hoping that there is a way to express this all with a single alert.

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