I have a wonderful job working with children as a young educator out of college. Unfortunately, many of the children I work with are underprivileged. Normally, this doesn’t translate into violent interactions, but for some students it does. One, in particular, frequently has outbursts where he will hit, bite, scratch, touch, and otherwise assault me physically demanding to be “allowed to leave” the school.

These are young students (grades K-5). Subduing them physically wouldn’t be too hard, but I don’t want to do anything to risk my job or even give anyone insinuations that I might be assaulting a child in any form. At the same time, running away from the child to prevent physical harm empowers him and isn’t a great option either.

What, legally, can an educator do to protect themselves? Where can I learn more? And legality aside, is there any general advice you have for me?

Thank you very much for any information.

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