This is my first question here and I hope I am in the right place.

I have BSc in Pure Mathematics and I am entering the last year of my master degree in Sciences and General/Executive Engineering in France (In France Engineering School are a bit different than in the US, I study Sciences of course but also Economics, Law, Sociology and other things).

I am looking to pursue my studies in the US particularly in Economics. As I have a good background in both math and computer science, subjects that I like very much, I do not want to put aside my technical skills. I also like Machine Learning methods a lot.

I have looked at different graduate programs in Economics in the US but they do not seem to let a large part to a more technical approach. For example, the Master in International and Development Economics at Yale really interest me (, but don’t seems to be in a tech environment. (I have a personal preference for macroeconomics).

Do you have any ideas or clues of where I can look for program in Economics with CS and Math skills ?

Thank you very much. I Hope this is the right place for such a query and that my request is clear. Have a nice day.

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