In 1798 Napoleon invaded Egypt and in 1799 he invaded the Middle East. The only thing that stopped him from going further was the fortifications of Acre which he could not take. What was his plans if he actually took Acre.

Much I read were only theories. He would take the great cities of Jerusalem and Damascus. What was the plan to go further?

Another theory is that from there he would conquer Persia and India – but is this true or is it pure theories and gossip?

I read in the letters of Napoleon that he talk about two generals before him: Alexander the Great who marched through Persia and reached India and Nader Shah – a general from Persia who took Delhi and Baghdad.

So is it likely that he truly wanted to go in their footprints?

Also, I read that Sultan Tipu of Mysore wrote a letter to Napoleon which reads he waited for him to come and liberate Mysore from the British.

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