I have had a bad but slowly progressing track record, in my undergrad, I scored 70% but did a one-year master of science in UK which got me a UK 2.2, and in my master of research degree in ageing and health I got UK merit, but is about 63%. So good? bad? IDK, it is merit :/ but it is 63%. Overall between all my projects, including those that I have done for part of my university.

I have 6+4+3+7+4 (24months) worth of research experience, though in terms of field relevant experience it is (4+7+4) or 15 months worth of research experience, but I was not really a good researcher for most parts and don’t have publications. I have at least 2 people who still have a good opinion of me from my research work and 2 others who would support me for my academic capability. My interests are in ageing and health or to be more specific “Molecular mechanisms involved in regulation of SASP protein complexes in cellular senescence that causes biological ageing”.

Also, I have experience working as a science trained for a period of 6 months. I just turned 25 however, so for a person of my age, I am not quite remarkable. I also had issues with anxiety, for whom I was seeking therapy, which is what resulted in my M.res grades going from 52% in 1st sem to 68% in the second sem though I’m still stuck with 63% overall.

I know what drives me and am/will be capable in my specialist field (as my work has improved with my reducing anxiety)

After my graduation, I took up an internship, for a period of 5 months so as to make sure I have something to complete the sentence of “These are my grades but”. However, how likely are this internship and passion alone to aid me. Also, someone told me since I am from India and it is a niche field, I may have a chance at it as many universities have diversity requirements. I am currently looking for studies in the USA as I can only apply for partial funding in the UK and I cannot afford it. I finished GRE with 308

Tl;dr; I have decent grades (not great), Few good referrals but no publications, how likely can I get a PhD in the USA in a field where I otherwise know would be a good research fit. My Gre score is 308

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