I’m involved in a PhD studies in computer science. My topic is about E-learning software engineering modeling using patterns. My dissertation is under evaluation right now and I hope to defend my thesis soon in the next few days or weeks. In the meantime I am preparing myself for the defense itself.

Having started my literature review in 2010 (so based on article published 1, 2, 3, 4 or more years before 2010) so 6 years and half ago, I have then found what seemed to be strong arguments to motivate my thesis topic at that time, I mean that educational researchers finger:

  • shortfalls behind educational software: poor analysis, poor design, ignorance of the pedagogical theoretical aspects.
  • that current educational software are not really adapted to the pedagogical requirements because they ignore or do not take enough
    account of the pedagogical theoretical aspects known in the
    literature as the ┬źpsychological learning theory┬╗.
  • educational software still match only the Web 1.0 standards and not the Web X.0 with X>1.

Of course I have updated my literature review many times during the past 6 years and half.

I feel very uncomfortable to defend those arguments stated above today or in the next few days as they seem very outdated. So being conscientious of that I have started a few weeks ago to do a little literature review on the topic based on recent articles (2012-now). But as you can guess maybe, research in that area seemed to have moved on to other concerns.

I want to have the best rendering I can of my thesis at the defense activity, If even I have to update certain things.

Did some of you dealt with the same issues as stated above? If some people here know about some interesting articles about the topic, let me know please. Thank you in advance.

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