I was a graduate student at EWU 2010-2013, completed course work, internship and passed the praxis exam. I worked in my titled position for 3 years while pending research paper was being done. During my third year the children and myself were discriminated against, and I made an EEOC complaint. After my complaint it was made known to me that the district had ties to the president of OSPI, Bob Ferguson and Bill Gates and that I was going to get backlash
. Turned out they were right, school Said I failed and would not give me my degree. I tried to go through the steps..dean, chair, provost all stonewalled me…wrote our politicians…and Even Trump (which contacted the Civil rights department)..I had placed a complaint in and the WH said they would be sure to take care of me…3 months later I get a call and then a letter saying statue of limitations were up…can’t get any help and attorneys don’t want to help you unless they get the paper staying you can sue…I know there has to be a way to get justice…if thus could happen once, y would a college stop letting students attend college bleeding them dry and then just take the money…or what would stop them from using their bias for particular groups…

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