Two days ago, I presented my accepted paper in an IEEE conference. While I am presenting, I noticed that I really made 3 mistakes in the notations! I don’t really know why I didn’t make attention for that before! For example, in the first place, I wrote lambda instead of alpha. In other place, I forgot to put an absolute value to the variable used. In the third place, I forgot a parenthesis for a group of variables. The problem is that in this part (very mathematical part), I have a lot of mathematical notations, and so I made these errors.

My errors do not affect neither the results nor the conclusion since while I am citing another paper and writing some of its equations in my paper, I made these errors. So I think the reader will detect these errors when he reads the cited paper (it is very embarrassing for me when the author of the paper I cited sees that I made errors in his equations! very embarrassing). I think an interesting reader to my paper will only consider that these errors are due to the lack of enough revisions before the camera-ready deadline, I hope! (what do you think?). I am really very sad because in this case some researchers will consider me as a “careless writer”.

The paper is not yet published online, but I have already presented it (two days ago) in the conference. So I am wondering if it is still possible to contact the committee and tell them about the errors? do you think they can provide me a chance to send them a correct version? is it still possible?

BTW I have submitted the corrected version on ArXiv and researchgate. But I don’t know if the researchers will make attention that the errors are corrected on ArXiv for example? do you think the reasearchers mostly read papers on ArXiv rather than reading the official versions present in IEEE Xplore?

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