Though I’ve scrutinized the APA 6th Edition and online examples, I remain confused about how to format military publications for in-text citations.

In text, is it sufficient to cite just the military branch as the author; or should the citation also include the type of publication; or something else?

Example 1

… (U.S. Army, 2005) …


… (U.S. Army, Army Mentorship Handbook, 2005)


neither of the above; format as [your example] instead.

Example 2

… (U.S. Army, 2012) …


… (U.S. Army, ADP 6-22, 2012) …


neither of the above; format as [your example] instead.

Added Background 10 Sept. ’16

I’m the editor; not the author. This is my first experience with a military-laden dissertation.

As best I can tell, the only APA guidance is the first sentence on p. 174: “References…are cited in text with an author-date citation system…”

I did find more information at
where Example 4 affirms APA p. 174.

That would indicate that “(U.S. Army, year)” and nothing more is sufficient. But the sheer quantity of similar citations (i.e., the lack of variety) makes any one in-text citation seem somehow insufficient.

Maybe I just need to ignore my discomfort?

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