I’m situated in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and went to one of the country’s top schools for my undergrad (University of Toronto). I have a Honors Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, Bioethics, and Psychology. I have four publications at the undergraduate level, have edited on an undergraduate journal, and have worked at least one serious research-assistantship (for a Psychology Dissertation; but this was done online and not in a lab).

I also had a pretty low CGPA (it’s right between C+ and a B-). On top of that, I had very little contact with my professors (coming from a huge school and being relatively shy). So my problem now is one of reference letters and making my low CGPA look relatively “okay”.

Does anyone have any ideas about who I could ask for reference letters for my Masters program in Philosophy or Bioethics? I know that the the person I worked for as a research assistant could help, but I’ve heard that’s a bad idea. I can also ask one of the professors whose class I did really well in. The problem with him is that he probably doesn’t remember me very well and I’m afraid his reference letter will come off as dull/”she asked me and I couldn’t say no”. For instance, he’s given me reference letters before and I’ve never, ever received any interest/contact from the places I applied to. My other option is to get a reference letter from work. I actually work in university administration and the person I would ask has his MD from the Philippines. My concern with this is that the University is a Caribbean one and there’s a lot of taboo about non-Western education (that I at least have noticed) here. I have asked previous TA’s to no avail.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me?

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