I have two grants and I would like to publish their proposals for which I received funding.

  • Should I publish them in the first place? I think it would look good being transparent, and it would certainly be informative about what I’m currently working on (I am at least 6-8 months away from publishing my first results from these research). But I also think that it can have drawbacks like others thinking I’m just trying to pad my CV, or giving space to any and all kind of accusations about my research topic or about the quality of my proposal (I’m in the Social Sciences from a CEE country where social research is becoming more and more ideology-driven. I already have bad experiences about ideologically biased attacks and accusations against my academical activities)

  • Where and in what form should I publish it? Should it be a self-publication on my institutional or personal website, academic social media account, in a repository etc.? Or should I find specific journals that publish grant proposals? (Do such journals exists? I found one https://riojournal.com but it looks like I have to pay them a fee for this).

  • In my CV there is a section for funding. If I publish my funded grant proposals, should these items go to “Publications” or should I add them to “Awarded Funding”?

Thank you for your advice!

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