I need some help!

I’m a second-year PhD student at a university in Sydney, Australia, though I’m originally from Melbourne, Australia. I have lived in Melbourne for most of my life; that place has been home to me, and it’s treated me so good! It almost broke my heart to move up to Sydney, but I felt it had to be done because it was the only place I was able to do my PhD.

I knew from the start that Sydney and I was never going to work out. Over time, due to many reasons (a failed relationship and family issues among the homesickness) I realised that I was far happier in Melbourne and I feel like moving back at the start of next year. However, I am enjoying my PhD so much over here, I would be shattered if I left it. The PhD topic is suitable to my interests and strengths, and my supervisor has been nothing but the best.

In short, I am committed to finishing my PhD, but I can’t take another year of living up in Sydney. Ideally, I want the best of both worlds (i.e. to finish my PhD in Sydney, while living in Melbourne). What should I do? Thanks so much in advance, I really appreciate it. I’m not here for the sympathies, just for the advice; always open to listening to advice.

P.S. I will talk with my supervisor about it this week, but I feel more comfortable asking the online community for advice on certain things.

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