So I will be applying to fairly quantitative (PhD level) Master’s degree in this Fall. Even though the degree is not research-based, they require high level of math skills.

I seriously lack Math background required from the program. However, they do have a list of recommended books for those who are applying. I already have reached out to students who already got admits and they confirmed that covering those books would be “more than enough” to ace the Program’s entrance test. Please note that this program DOES NOT require GRE/GMAT, they have their own tests.

Now my issue — I have recently taken Calc series and Linear Algebra through UIUC’s NetMath program (their method of teaching is somewhat different, but I have no other option to verify my ability). I did very well – all A’s. However, I do not think they have the right courses for me when it comes to Real Analysis, Probability Theory, and Statistics courses. I am planning to get all the recommended books and go through them as much as I can.

How can I convince Admission Committee that I am worth a chance? What is the best way to showcase my ability in the subjects highlighted above? Universities around me do not offer courses for those who are not doing a degree.

I would really appreciate any input and ready to give more info if required. Thank you!

I was a Business major during my undergrad. But I covered Statistics, Matrix Algebra, calculus I/II, and some probability theory during my bachelors degree. I also did Masters in Risk, where I had some more exposure to Econometrics and Statistics. I completed my BSc ad MSc back in 2009 and 2011 respectively. I just wanted to show that I have refreshed all the courses and still able to perform.

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