I have perused the Royal Society of Chemistry website extensively and I possess the necessary education and experience to join as a Associate Member, but one of the requisites when completing the application is that I name a referee, optimally someone who is already a member. I do not know anyone who is a member as I live in the U.S.A. and simply have not crossed paths with such a person who would know me well enough. I am aware there are offices in the US (Philadelphia) and there is not categorical statement that you must be of a certain nationality, so how to “Americans” apply? The RSC is an amalgam of what used to be many different societies, and has a long and rich history going back to Faraday (who incidentally, never received any degree), and it is considered a learned society, like the ACS in the USA, of which I am a long-standing member. Does anyone know how this process works? The fact it is a learned society and deals with a deeply intellectual subject area — the central science called chemistry — I felt this question belonged in the Academia StackExchange Group.

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