I just ended my internship on bad terms. Both the company and my teachers think that my programming skills are insufficient for a passing grade. We decided to end the internship as continuing would be a waste of time. I now have two options.

  1. Take a step back and enrol in a study that is at a somewhat lower level
  2. My teachers will train my programming skills. This will take about a year and after that I can look for a new internship. This no guarantee that my programming will be good enough after (depends on myself)

I find it very hard to choose between the two. It’s about my future after all. That is why I want to ask one of my teachers for some help. This is the question I would like to ask:

“You have taught and known me for some years now. Do you think I have it in me to complete option 2 with success and finish a next internship?”

I realise this is fairly personal question that maybe difficult or awkward to answer. His opinion matters greatly to me however. It would provide me with information to make an educated decision. Some extra details:

  • He has been my teacher for almost 7 years
  • The atmosphere at the study is fairly informal at times. I can call teachers by their first name for example
  • Programming was never my strongest asset
  • I tend to overestimate my programming skills so an outside opinion is greatly appreciated

What I would like to know is how to approach this. Do I send him an e-mail with this question or do I ask it in person? I would also imagine that someone has to think about this type of question. Or should I request a meeting to discuss this? Or not ask at all?

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