So I am a Computer Science major final year under-graduate student.

I am studying 4 classes at the moment, and sadly, don’t feel really good about any of them. The subjects are good, I love Computer Science, in general, but the teaching has been below average. The classes only consist of teachers coming to the class, reciting bullet points written on the PowerPoint, and leaving.

To make things worse, almost all of them expect us to write exactly as the prescribed text-book, even a different notation is frowned upon.

This is really getting on my head, because:

  1. I am trying to learn (cram?) what is required for the exam, and I kind of suck at it.

  2. I feel like I am ditching myself – because I learn nothing out of it.

I am starting to develop medical problems, like headaches, high blood pressure because of all the stress – the stress of doing things exactly as in the text book.

So I want to ask what is the most appropriate step to take in such a case? Have you experienced anything like this before? How did you cope with it?

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