First of all some background info:

I did a PhD in Electrical Engineering. Basically during my PhD I developed a concept that is now being trialled by two companies. One is very small, but one is a large multinational. The companies that were involved with my department were not interested in patenting the idea. I was forced to publish it. I don’t really care about publish/patent, as it will still be great if my PhD gets used in real life.

The problem is now that at the end of the year I dont have a job. I dont publish many papers, whereas others here seem to be able to publish 5 or 6 a year. Yet, my PhD is the only original idea that is being trialled by industry (that I know of) from our group.

I now have another idea that I think is just as good and would probably be trialled by industry. The idea is very simple and requires basically just 1 op-amp. I want to present this to external companies. I am visiting a very large one in November who were interested in using my PhD.

My goal is to use this idea, combined with my PhD, to try to get external private funding, or a job that means I still have a job in this city. I don’t really have any skills, all I did was a PhD, which was a really simple idea and made a few circuits to prove it in a lab. If I had experience in designing proper circuits for real products I would have probably been able to get a job elsewhere. My only skill is that I can show that I can analyse the current state-of-the-art, and generate improvements using very simple concepts (which are also novel).

My last resort is to publish it. Again I don’t care if I publish it or not, but I already published 13 papers in 3 and a half years. Who cares if I publish 1 more when there are others with 25. I just want to maximise my chances of getting a new job since according to this group’s standards I am ‘unproductive’.

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