I am planning to graduate this fall with a PhD in Mechanical Engineering (Robotics) from UT Austin and is in the process of making a decision to choose between industry and academia as a career choice. I have some questions regarding the same:

I have a job offer from Mathworks and potential post-doc positions from two professors at UT Austin and one at Rice University. It is difficult for me to decide between an industry position and a post-doc in academia. I like publishing papers and have 5 published and 3 under review journal publications, 14 conference papers and 2 pending patents.

If I decide to join Mathworks and later found that academia is a better fit for me. How easy or difficult it is to move out of an industry position back into academia (professor or post-doc position) after a few years considering that the company would file an H1B or green card for me?

What are the long term implications of joining industry as far as staying in US is concerned? I understand that applying for green card is a lengthy process and it is relatively easier through the academic route. Is the industry route too risky and the academic route much safer considering that I am an Indian citizen?

Any advice would be highly valuable for me to make an informed decision.

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