I’m in an online part-time graduate program at a well-established state university in the U.S.. I’m having a hard time getting responses from professors when it comes to asking about potential research topics for a final project that is required for my degree and asking for them to be my advisor. I imagine it’s a mix of things causing this:

  1. My e-mail messages might be too long. Although they are direct, I haven’t met these people before, and I usually give them a 2-3 paragraph message introducing myself and the goal. No more than this.
  2. I’m in a M.S. online program. I’m not a Ph.D. student who is on-site, and thus cannot contribute more to whatever research they are doing as much as I could.

I’ve read advice online and haven’t found anything about this particular situation.

How do people go about finding an advisor if they’re in an online program? What can I do to maximize the chances of having a professor at least respond to an e-mail I send?

If this question is too broad, I can delete it.

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