I taught a large introductory undergraduate course
in the most recent Fall semester (Sept to Dec 2017).
An exchange student who took the course
asked me to write a reference letter
for her application to a Master’s program.

I spent a bit of time looking through the webpage of the Master’s program,
and I found the following information:

Step 1 – Online Application

The admissions process starts upon submission of the online application along with the relevant documents.

At this stage, the following documents will be requested:

  • (other documents not relevant to me as a reference letter writer)
  • Any other documents in English that you think may enrich your application, such as a motivation letter or reference letter

Based on the information that I found,
it appears that a reference letter is not required,
and is only marginally helpful.
Because I am busy,
I don’t want to put any more time into writing the letter than needed.


  • How much time/effort should I put into writing a reference letter
    for this former student’s application for a Master’s program?
  • Should I feel bad if I send her a quick and simple letter?

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