How would you go about listing a conference/symposium poster presentation that will happen in the future on your CV if the title or abstract haven’t been decided yet?

For instance, the future conference/symposium for my case is university run so it is certain that the proposal submission will get approved for presenting. However, I have not yet collected all the data so I do not have an abstract or title prepared.

I have seen some people put,

Last name, first initial. (year, estimated month). Title of presentation. Poster session presented at [location]. (Planned)

I thought about preparing a tentative title since I know the general topic, but wanted more opinions or answers from those that had a better idea about this.

I’ve looked around a bit on the internet and found some information on this topic but it was primarily on invited talks rather than planned presentations.
Thank you in advance to those who answer!

*This is for the CV I will be turning in as supplemental material for Psychology PhD application.

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