I have been assigned to a section of student where I am teaching probabilistic models. From the starting day itself, I feel something strange is happening in the class. To better explain this, please consider reading the following:

  • I like to have two-way communication inside the class. i.e. I prefer to have some sorts of active discussions. However, the students do not respond at all.

  • Consider the above point, I initially thought that it was my fault that they are not finding my teaching interesting. But, I sat with them in other courses which they are taking. It is the same. It sounds strange (and, yes it is.)

  • I can’t say them as lazy (How to deal with lazy students?); because, they are ACTIVE in doing something else inside the class. Some are busy in coding, some are reading research articles, some are doing something else. Out of 40 students, only ~5 students are interacting inside.

  • I can’t throw them out of the class; as it is against the university rules.

Due to the above reasons, I (also few other faculties) do not feel interested in teaching these guys.

How to handle the class given such environment of the inACTIVE students?

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