I think it’s a good idea, when starting a research project, to start with the most famous and reputable groups before moving on to less well-known groups. You know? As a beginner it might be hard to judge the quality of the work.

It’s too bad that the importance and prestige of groups is fairly subjective, because beginners are not likely to be able to have conversations with people who have a developed understanding of a given field. Enter StackExachange.

So, which groups are the most important and influential in the field of quantum computation? (Also, why?) I’d like to focus on superconducting circuits, trapped ions to start with, since that’s what I’m most interested in.

Groups that I’m already familiar with are the Martinis group at USCB, Monroe group at UMD, and the Schoelkopf group at Yale. Some other smaller ones are Pan (潘建伟) group at USTC, and the Schuster groups at U Chicago. Beyond these groups, I’m not familiar with any other groups on the cutting edge of the field, and it’s not totally clear how to find others.

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