I have recently finished a year of Doctoral School, and am about to start my PhD. During the last taught year I have written two research papers which were reviewed by several people both internal and external to my faculty. The feedback was mostly complimentary, however the common criticism made about my work went along the lines of “You write excellent sections, but there is little link or narrative between sections.

There are a few guides on technical writing fundamentals, so this could serve as a platform for other posts on more nuanced writing practices. I would like to create a better narrative in my writing going forward, so the themes I would like to create a discussion on are as follows:

  • Practices for identifying the narrative present in your own work.
  • How do you build a narrative when writing an academic paper or other piece of technical writing?
  • Guidelines for linking the internal sections within a piece of writing.
  • Guidelines for linking your work to related research by other authors.

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