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After a phd and a 1 year boring job in a private company, I finally found a postdoc position than looks very interesting to me.
I am very excited to perform research again, but I would like to avoid the mistakes I did during my Ph.D. to be more efficient.

I would say that my main waste of time was that I was too disorganized.
Often I did measurements, forgot to write all the parameters, and had to do it again. I think I will now be ok on this point, with but if you have advices here, I will happily read them.

Then, my main problem and one of the things I felt very inefficient at, was bibliography research. For example, when I wanted to get information on a very precise topic, I searched through google scholar or science direct and found several articles. I tried to picked the most interesting ones, but then I often got lost in the different references cited by the article. I always felt that I had to read every of these references to get things perfectly clear and become confident on the topic. Of course this never worked, because there are usually many references and references in those references (would take ages to read them all) … So I often ended reading only parts of all the articles cited by the main article, barely remembering what I have read.

Does someone have an efficient method to avoid getting lost in all the articles cited in one article, and all of their references … and so on?

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