I spent a couple of months writing an essay on some sports, movements, tools and how they relate to a few concepts in physics. Much of the time went to making “multi body dynamics” simulations.

It is possible to read the article if you know high-school physics. (I am a retired medical doctor who did (very different) academic medical research in the 80’s and 90’s.) The text does not contain many formulas or any “stringent proofs”.

Part of the article is overview, part of it contains some observations that I hope could be original. I am not sure about this, of course. The text makes several speculations, but declares them as such and tries to give motivations.

The essay is about 12.000 words.

My question is, what should I do with it? What would be a suitable way/journal of publishing it? Are there any pitfalls in this process?

I don’t think I can earn money from it. I mostly want to attract readers. And maybe above all, have it “officially published”. I wrote in HTML/CSS so it would be easily put on the web. But if I put it on my own site, I fear others may just read it and, if they find anything of value, they would rewrite the material and publish it as their own. – Getting some credit for original work, if there is any, would be important to me. Getting a “time-stamp” where the material was first published would help, I think.

I hope this question will not be closed for being considered too wide or for any other reason. It would be very helpful for a person in my situation if someone with ideas or experience of the field of publishing would give general comments of any kind, on this.

Thank you.

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