I’m usually assigned to review one or a couple of papers for a conference. The problem is: I only have access to these single submissions.

How can I give a score (reject/weak reject/neutral/weak accept/accept) to a submission without having access to the other papers, so I could compare and contrast the contributions and originality of them?

  • Even if I had access to the others dozens (or hundreds) of submissions, the question would still hold, as I surely would not be capable of evaluating all of them in the desired timeframe.

  • Each conference has a different impact level and overall quality of submissions. But I’m not sure if I should use this information while reviewing submissions.

  • I know the editor is the one imbued with the responsibility of accepting or rejecting a paper based on the reviews. But then a demanding reviewer could reject a paper, and because he reviews only a few submissions, this would clearly harm the overall process.

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