I’m writing a speculative letter to work at university in Siberia.

My real motivation is that I’m slowly changing my mind. After graduation I immediately started working as engineer because I thought I wanted to build things. I never stopped studying and if anything I studied more while working than before. I just started working in a R&D lab so I could reconcile all the time spent studying with actual work. Still I’m not convinced and I’m writing a letter to find a contact in an university I like with the hope that I could somehow be hired.

The problem is that my academic cv is incredibly poor. This is what I have in a nutshell

  • Master degree with full grades
  • One publication in prestigious journal based on master thesis
  • 2 years or relevant work in the field

In the letter I’m writing I tried to explain why the technology I’m researching is important and have practical applications worldwide. I listed my publication saying that it contains some results of my research. Finally I specified that I’m working in a R&D lab and I’m developing expertise on the topic.

In the letter I ask if the university have done some research with this technology and I ask for a contact.

When I started writing I was convinced to do something useful but reading the letter to myself, I imagined to be a professor and I would be puzzled and chances are I would ignore the email.

How can I write a letter with some chances to find job in this university? Is it possible that a professor could be interested in a collaboration with me? How to best elicit interest supposing my research field is of genuine and immediate importance?

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